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We believe that a dream starts with knowledge, integrity  and passion.
That is why we want to assist in starting your dream here with Rachel J. Academy. 

We provide the utmost learning curriculum that is designed for optimal knowledge retention and real-life application. 

​Our goal is to encourage our students to develop their artistic capabilities to the fullest. We have what it takes to train you with the trendiest, sophisticated and detailed techniques for microblading, colors, semi-permanent makeup techniques.  
"Our mission is to
help students learn, achieve and grow ."
As an experienced make-up artist, it was a decision easily made to step into the permanent makeup field. It was exciting how I developed my skills day by day throughout the training. What actually inspired me, however, was the passion instructors had to teach students.                                              

  When I was training, I felt that becoming a true artist in semi-permanent makeup was not an easy job. There had to be a lot of dedication in learning, training and experience. Despite the tough times, the more I learned about semi-permanent makeup, the more I found myself loving it!
 Moreover, it is very rewarding to help people to bring the best look for the clients. A lot of them want to remedy what they believe their facial flaws are, while emphasizing their natural beauty. It makes me so happy, when I see the smiles on their face after my work.

 ​The meticulous skills of brow corrections, including depositing colors and working with hairless brows require specific guidelines and training. I strongly felt the need of well-structured teaching program for the fellow students striving to become artists in the beauty industry. As I developed my career, I realized that my true passion is to help lead the potential artists to successful career and specialty.
  As the founder and lead instructor of my beauty school, I have my true passion dream come true. This experience had me dream of having my own academy to specially design and incorporate all of my experiences and expertise.
​Now, my goal is your success.


Rachel J. Park

Founder of Rachel J. Academy


Dr. Christina Yang 


Semi-permanent makeup makes my heart beat. I learned that I can do much more in helping others like a client who suffered cancer to look beautiful again with defined eyebrows. It makes me so excited as I see my clients walking out happy with what I can do for them. I love when my clients achieve the look they desired for years and not having to worry about wasting time with make-up every morning. My job is very rewarding and it is hard not to take my career seriously.  

As a doctor of chiropractic and acupuncture/ oriental medicine, my medical background helps me understand more about the procedures, anatomy and medical considerations/safety/protocols.

A hugh part of my ambition is to learn and teach. I have been involved in teaching since when I was very little up to this day. This is why I understand how it is important to create effective teaching plans, methods and teachers' reponsibility. 

My passion is to teach and live doing what I love to do. I want to help you become a semi-permanent makeup artist, so you get the full benefit that I feel empowered with! I look forward to meeting with you very soon.