Beauty School. Semi-Permanent Microblading Makeup Academy.



             TOPICS COVERED

​Detailed Technique

Refresh your memories and refine your skill with top-class techniques on microblading and ombre fills.
From the brow mapping to the detailed techniques and tips, we got you covered to boost your career to the next level.

We also will be teaching new and trendy techniques that are differenciated.
We have more detailed and advanced techniques suitable for practitioners to learn and develop newer and trendy ways to achieve greater The sophisticated skills of the following will be covered: manual technique, brows shape drawing, maping methods, stretching skin methods, different microblading patterns and manual ombre powder fill techniques and more. 

Medical + forms 

In this topic, you will be taught about the range of medical conditions clients may have, contraindications, complications, how to prevent and follow protocols. 

We provide all the forms you need: informed consent form, medical history, consultation
and more.

We train on how and what to do, how to instruct your client from the beginning to the aftercare. You will get all the benefits for the re-developers in the career.

Color Theory

We want to ensure the importance of the colorants and how to deal with them.
There are multiple ways to mix, correct, or recorrect the colors and old tattoos.
You may know from your experiece that the good tips and techniques are absolutely important.

To obtain the optimal results, you need to know about how pigments work, the theory of colors and mixing methods.

You will lern organic & inorganic pigments, undertones, mixing & matches, neutralizing colors and old tattoo cover-up techniques.

Models are not guaranteed but You may bring your own live model, if you want to practice under supervision. 

Advanced Course Guideline Example
 2018 class: 
  1. 1st Day
    Theory & technique practice
    Skin Anatomy/Pigment deposition/Undertones/color theo on mixing and correcting and old tattoo cover-ups. Advanced techniques involving manual technique of Microblading in different partterns and Ombre Micro-shading (stipple method).
  2. 2nd Day
    colors & combo technique
    Medical consideration/ forms/ Refresh on brows mapping and shaping How to stretch the skin effectively Manual technique of Combo practice.
  3. 3rd Day & 4th Day
    Live model
    Work on live model
* You will be given a certificate of completion by Rachel J. Academy.