Beauty School. Semi-Permanent Microblading Makeup Academy.



Safety & Asepsis

Skin Anatomy

You will learn how to be compliant with state regulations, health concerns and enviroment of semi-permanent make-up.

There are certain laws and practices you must follow. 

The areas of this topic include: sterilization, sanitation, Bloodborne Pathogen, and Procedure Room Set-up. 
One of the most important component of education for semi-permanent make-up is the skin anatomy.

You will be working on the human body, and it is very important that you know much about it.

The areas of this topic are: skin structure, skin conditions & disorders, and skin tone & undertone. 

Medical +Anesthetics


Microblading brows, Microshading brow, Eyeliners, Lips
The technique becomes your tool to success in semi-permanent make-up.

The sophisticated skills of the following will be covered: manual & machine technique, brows shape drawing, maping methods, stretching  skin  method    microblading pattern and manual ombre powder fill techniques and more. 
In this topic, you will be taught about the range of medical condition clients may have, contraindications, complications, how to prevent and follow protocols.

We will cover methods of topical anesthetics as well as what to use for different areas and procedures, how they work on the skin and how effectively combine/use them.

Color Theory

Real Life Application- Forms and Live Model 

Learning about colors are critical because you will be working with different colorant.

To obtain the optimal results, you need to know about how pigments work, the theory of colors and mixing methods.

You will lern organic & inorganic pigments, undertones, mixing & matches, neutralizing colors and old tattoo cover-up techniques

The real life setting is very important. It is your time to put your knowledge and training on the stage.

All lights on you and its your time to shine! We take it as a real deal and want to ensure you have what it takes to apply it in the real setting smoothly.

That's why we provide all the forms you need: informed consent form, medical history, consultation and more.

We train on how and what to do, how to instruct your client from the beginning to the aftercare.
DISCLAIMER: The following schedule is a basic outline. The schedule is subjected to change anytime without notice. 
Models are not guaranteed but You may also bring your own live model, if you want to practice under supervision. 
Full Beginner's Course Guideline Example
 weekend and evening classes are available

​​Microblading brows, Ombre brows, Eyeliners, Lips
  1. 1st Day
    What's SPMp & BBP
    What is Semi-permanent Make up? Health/Safety/State law regulations, Blood-borne pathogen training/ Brows mapping method/Shaping eyebrows and microblading pattern(1) method.
  2. 2nd Day
    Skin,Undertone & brows technique
    Theory : Skin Anatomy: Skin structure/ Conditions/ Pigment deposition/ Skin under-tone. Latex practice : Microblading pattern(2) with hand tool.
  3. 3rd Day
    Anesthetics & color theory
    Color theory : Organic/ Inorganic pigments/ Pigment types. Topical Anesthetics/ Medical considerations Latex practice : Lips/ Eyeliners/ Soft powder fill brows with machine
  4. 4th Day
    old color correction & Technique
    Eyeliners/ Eyebrows/ Lips theory/ Stretching technique Tattoo cover-up: Old tattoos, possible corrections/ Neutralizing colors/ Proper mixing colors Latex practice- Microblading brows pattern(2) method. shading combo
  5. 5th Day
    Brow Shaping & BROW DESIGNS
    Shaping brows/ Face shapes and brows designs/ Correcting brow shapes/ Trending shapes/ Using ruler, mapping method. Latex practice : Microblading, shading combo
  6. 6th Day
    medical condition & consent form
    Consultation skill/ Client history form/ Consent form/ Arbitration agreement form/ Charting, procedure notes/ The healing process/ Instructios on before and after the procedure/ Work area setup/ Tools and supplies. Laxtex practice : Eyeliners, Lips, microblading
  7. 7th Day
    Practice / Eyeliners and microblading procedure simulation in real setting. (Consultation, Client History form, Consent form, Anesthetic, Work table setting, Procedure on mannequin face, Aftercare instructions.)
  8. 8TH Day
    live model
    Work on live model
  9. 9TH Day
    Work on live model
  10. 10TH Day
    Work on live model
* You will be given a certificate of completion by RachelJ.Academy.
   You will be also directed and guided to take the appropriate steps to administer for BBP and body art certification.